This is our journal's first time celebrating National Poetry Month, and we want to make it a special and memorable month. Therefore, we have decided to launch the National Poetry Month 30/30 Challenge, where we will post a new prompt every day for the month of April, resulting in thirty unique prompts for thirty days. 

The very roots of this journal were fortified on Tumblr, where we existed as a prompt-based writing and poetry collective, releasing weekly prompts and retweeting and sharing prompt responses and comments. We have moved on from being a writing collective to becoming the fledging literary journal we are today, but we have not forgotten where we came from. As a result, we are reintroducing the #EphemerePrompts hashtag we used during our Tumblr days for the purposes of this challenge. 

Starting from April 1st until the end of the month we will post a prompt under the hashtag #EphemereChallenge on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. If you wish to respond to a particular prompt or prompts, format your response as so;

  • On Twitter, @ us or use #EphemerePrompts and we'll make sure to retweet your work

  • On Instagram, tag us @ephemerereview and use the tag #EphemerePrompts and we will share your work on our story.

  • On Facebook, comment on the prompt post by either linking us to your work, or pasting the entire work in the comments section

Don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions! We can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email at

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone! We cannot wait to see and read all of your work.