éphémère: French for ephemeral (adjective)
lasting a very short time, short lived, transitory

L'Éphémère Review began as a prompt-based writing and poetry collective on Tumblr, where it was known for releasing weekly prompts based around ephemeral themes and motifs. It moved away from being collective in April 2016 and officially re-emerged as an online literary magazine in June 2016. It was founded by poet Kanika Lawton, who currently serves as the Editor-In-Chief.

L'Éphémère Review is a bi-monthly online literary and art journal for the ephemeral and eternal. We long for the fleeting, the short-lived, the everlasting, and the infinite. For the writers, poets, artists, and creators. For the ache of softness and the honesty of living. We want your words, your art, your heartaches and loves, your sorrows and joys, and the way you thread them into the tapestry of time. Allow us to unravel and expand your sanctuary, your carved-out corner of time, your place among the stars, your weaving and wandering journey, and the road unpaved and well-travelled. Lend us your voices, your hearts, and your songs and we promise to treasure each word and note with the tenderness and kindness they deserve. 

Welcome to the transitory. Welcome to the infinite. 
Welcome to L'Éphémère.