A kiss at the nape of the neck. A barely-there brush of lips, but there all the same. The way your
eyes crinkle at the corners as you stifle a laugh.

It is strange, the things of yours I carry.

Others would say they will fade—they must fade. Physically. But, I feel our words ripple across
the ages. I have heard your laugh lifetimes before. Your eyes have seen wonders.

I keep them still.

JENNA BURNS is a Scottish lesbian writer & professional daydreamer in her 20s. She has been published by Gutter Magazine; Zoetic Press & The Retired Beekeepers of Sussex. She loves writing in a variety of formats, from short stories and flash fiction to screenwriting. You can find her at jennaburnsiswriting.wordpress.com and follow her on Twitter @Jenna_221b.