I started seven steps
Above the world

Prickled calves set
Sky-blue charged 

Static wave rolled-out
To meet me—head to feet.

Height was still a ladder, 
Rungs pencilled up the wall,

Where I was not allowed to draw—
And did.

Five then six years-old; tried to count
To 11 on too few hands

I dipped over the edge
Towards forgetting, 

Shrinking rails squeezed me
Tighter with their rust.

Summer's span ran away,
before and after

Two seconds older
I arrived at my age 

With a bump.

ADAM STEINER's poetry and fiction has appeared in The Arsonist, Glove zine, Anti-Heroin Chic, The Bohemyth, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Rockland Lit, Proletarian Poetry, The Next Review, and Fractured Nuance zine. He recently completed the Disappear Here project; to produce a series of poetry films about Coventry Ring Road (