renditions splattered across the wall.
in unison, they devolve the ceremonious
paint dripping from their sides.
ashes concussed into earthen pots made
of sticks and fleas of scrawny shawls.
saffron flows from side streets to trek the blue dome.
vagrants knead in coffee shops.
their rucksacks skip letters and teeth mangle
their backs. mouths count rosary and hair
prickles in incense swings. you've seen this in
windows before. when you and sister were
drawing silly horses in picture frames.
taint the bell and let marigolds caress hymns.


AMIKA SETHIA is a high school student from India. Her work has been previously recognised by Kloud 9 MagazineDelhi Poetry Slam, and The Louisville Review. When she isn't writing, you can find her in the depths of a mystical book, or dreaming too much.