prayers tossed into the heavens like coins sinking
to the bottom of a pool / wind myself between

the copper green limbs of the man in the fountain / 
lips searching for something more than the rusted

negligence / coated on both our bodies and sprayed
through our fingertips / frozen in their eternal reach 

to pluck forgotten pennies into the air / imagine
metallic flashes arcing through the still water mirages 

until the difference / between jeweled desires & jaded
denials & gossamer hope & cobweb disappointment finally

fades and the cracks / spanning across our spines 
blossom into something beautiful / ethereal scintillations 

born from the quiet of a lone warden left standing 
after bitter defeat / and breathed to life by the 

raw resolve of a lone maiden / told to hide but still
sewing daggers into her skirt / someday the refraction 

of our magic will glint bright enough / with the iron 
in our tears and the copper beneath our rust / that we

will be more to marvel at / than the sea of hydrangeas
in the garden / and the millenia of wishes at our feet

ANNE GVOZDJAK is a high school sophomore who lives in Seattle, Washington. Besides writing poetry and making slow progress on her novel, she like to spend her time with her earbuds in, learning to do graphic design, trying out new styles of calligraphy, or reading anything.