I walked in the damp sand,
I looked at the creases of multicolored waves of ocean
I admired the color changing sky, 
I look around, no one can tell
What I’ve been through.

I climbed a high hill,
I huffed and puffed my way to win it
I cheered with my group when at the top
I observed how small Earth looked
I look around, no one can tell
What I am going through. 

I went in a dense forest
I survived the jungle survival training
I helped killing some wild
I ate cooked and uncooked
I gazed beyond the herd of trees and waterfall
I looked around, no one can tell
What I might have to go through. 

I smile, I wonder
This wanderlust in me is stronger than any disorder of my mind
Pyramids of Egypt, underwater pyramids of China.

Temples of Thailand, tribes of South America
Oh and Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa.
I smile, I know
I am going to travel these different worlds too
This wanderlust is stronger than any mental illness
I can be one of people, and be with them
Or I can be a lone wolf and pretend I have no kin
But one thing we can remember at all times
Never forget to follow how our heart shines. 

ANSHEETA SHARMA is a sensitive, simple girl who moves forward at the right pace, stumbles upon something, gets up, scribbles some notes in her journal, and starts moving again. Just like everyone else.