After many weeks of intense deliberation, discussion, and meticulous review of the poems and stories that make up our incredibly diverse and spectacular longlist, we are beyond ecstatic to announce the shortlist for L'Éphémère Review's Inaugural Writing Awards, Overture to Memory!

Selecting the following pieces for our shortlist was rather difficult; how could we ever manage to narrow down such an amazing roster of work to an even smaller list and, soon, to just a handful of writers? Even so, we want to extend our utmost congratulations to everyone who has made our shortlist, our longlist, and to everyone who took the leap and submitted to our first-ever contest in the first place; thank you for trusting us with your words and hearts.

As always, all the thanks goes to our wonderful judgesLydia HavensCaitlyn SiehlAlain GinsbergAnthony FrameBrianna AlbersTopaz Winters, and Kat Neis.


Jamal Parker, Gladiators Part 1
Stephanie Chang, Lineage
Duncan Slagle, Thankfully, I Have Never Taken After My Father
Troy Kody Cunio, spud
Linette Reeman, The Gutting
Laura Villareal, Talking Through A Blowhole
Lindy Newns, Your garden
Laura Potts, Holly
Quinn Lui, [mother] tongue
Jack Martin, Coffee Visitations


David Henson, An Explanation
Jacqueline He, Better Luck Tomorrow and Snapshot


Zara Munro, Magic and Memory
Ingrid Jendrzejewski, The Rauschenberg Retrospective


Sabine Holzman, Portrait of Us While America Burns
Stephanie Chang, Maine Dream
Quinn Lui, spidersilk 


Laura Villareal, Outgrowing a Home
Linette Reeman, Parallel Inventions
Duncan Slagle, A Door Closes, Disrupting the Air and After, I Keep Everything that Reminds Me Of

KANIKA LAWTON is a writer, poet, and editor from Vancouver, British Columbia. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a Minor in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia, where she served as an editor with the UBC Undergraduate Film Student Association, and is an MA Candidate at the University of Toronto's Cinema Studies Institute. A 2018 Porkbelly Press Micro Chapbook Series finalist, and 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee, her work has appeared in The Rising Phoenix ReviewRambutan LiteraryRicepaper MagazineBombus PressVagabond City Literary Journal, and Hypertrophic Literary, and profiled in The Ellis Review and Horn & Ivory Zine. She is the author of Wildfire Heart (The Poetry Annals, 2018).