L'Éphémère Review's Best of 2017

2017 was a difficult year for many of us. Our hearts ached with the weight and pain of the world, and our spirits slowly chipped away. However, I feel safe in saying that, as always, art has a way of healing our tired souls, of soothing our worried minds, and ever-so-gently taking us to new worlds full of light, love, exploration, and renewed hope. Art is medicine for the soul, a means of survival and resistance against a world that frequently wants to silence us. 

Art soothed us, saved us, and restored us this year. We cannot fully express how happy we are that we were able to provide a home and safe platform for so many wonderful writers and artists this past year. We want to thank you for trusting us with your words and art, for believing in our mission of giving space to ephemeral work, for supporting us financially and creatively and spiritually. Being able to publish five issues this year full of incredibly bright and necessary work, as well as numerous interviews and reviews and blog posts has been a dream. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful first year. We are forever grateful. 

In honour of the new year, we have listed some of our favourite pieces that we've published in 2017. We love everything we publish (if we didn't, we wouldn't have published them!) but these are just some of the pieces that struck a core with us, that reminded us fully of why we do what we do, and why art is so necessary. 


Meggie Royer, Still Life as Indemnity (Issue III: Epoch) 
Jamal Parker, Dec. 17th: Transitioning Part 1 (Issue III: Epoch) 
M. Wright, The Bottom (Issue III: Epoch) 
Ashley Loper, Suite 1700: Bloody Doves & Pomegranate Juice (Issue III: Epoch) 
Amber D. Tran, Terra (Issue IV: Disquietude) 
kmp, Chapel Veil & Ripped Jeans (Issue IV: Disquietude) 
Alain Ginsberg, After the Man in the Cafe Who Said the Jewish People Really Found Out a Lot of Ways to Fuck Up A Fish (Issue IV: Disquietude) 
Alain Ginsberg, Monster Enters First Support Group Meeting (Issue IV: Disquietude) 
Cait Potter, We Take Up the Quiet Space Inside Your Lungs (Issue IV: Disquietude) 
Jasmine Cui, Glutton (Issue V: Sanctum) 
Alec Verse, Prom Night, 1:06 AM (Issue V: Sanctum) 
Kailey Tedesco, The House of the Seven Gables (Issue V: Sanctum) 
Patricia Camille Antony, Fingering the Wound (Issue V: Sanctum) 
Yves Olade, Long Distance (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Cindy Song, Mangata (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Cindy Song, Evening in Pink (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Melissa Rendlen, The Northwoods (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Justin Karcher, There Are Holes In Every City Where We Can Bury Our Old Tattoos (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Justin Karcher, After a Hard Day’s Work, There’s Glitter Underneath Our Fingernails (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Jack B. Bedell, Prayer Does Not Have To (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 
Mariel Fechik, Acadia (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 
Marley Stuart, A Brief Visit (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 
Dana Alsamsam, (Dis)solution (Issue VII: Crepúsculo)
Stephanie Tom, Entropy and All of Its Names (Issue VII: Crepúsculo)
Linda Ye, Pagoda Girl (Issue VII: Crepúsculo)
Rachel Nix, Erudition (Issue VII: Crepúsculo)


Helen Victoria Murray, The Unwinding (Issue IV: Disquietude) 
Alvin Park, Ash (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Maria Sledmere, Alcove (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 
Marley Stuart, Neighbors (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 


Melissa Mesku, My Own Private El Paso (Issue III: Epoch) 
Rona Wang, Ai, Rona (Issue V: Sanctum) 
Ron Gibson, Jr., Odd Man Out (Issue V: Sanctum) 
Erin Gunther, I Open My Eyes (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Sarah Bigham, There is No Manual For This (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 
Maria Sledmere, Elegiac Light: On Dark Pastoral, The Poetics of Dusk (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 


Lauren Suchenski, Four photographs (Issue III: Epoch) 
Jia-An Lee, Pieces from Sunset at 3pm (Issue IV: Disquietude) 
Jessica Thwaite, Hjärta (Issue V: Sanctum) 
Ernest Williamson, Five paintings (Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Brooke Goldman, Pieces from Appropriated Family Photographs(Issue VI: Halcyon) 
Alex J. Parton, Four photographs (Issue VII: Crepúsculo) 
Rachel Derum, Five collages (Issue VII: Crepúsculo)