L'Éphémère Review's Best of 2018

This year was both long and fulfilling, marred with controversy and also renewed hope and faith in the kind of communities that support, uplift, and continuously advocate for all voices, especially those who are new and emerging, and otherwise underserved. 2018 marked our second anniversary, and we were fortunate enough to expand and continue to grow both our readership and the number of writers and artists published within our issues, blog, and anthologies. This year we published four issues, one anthology, and eight micro-chapbooks, with our eyes focused on bigger and better things, more opportunities for our contributors, and greater forays, especially with regards to micro-press work and, hopefully, print publications.

We could not have grown as much as we did this year without you, our readers and contributors, and for that we thank you for elevating us with your work, your words, your worlds, your hearts, and souls. We could not exist without you, and for that we are endlessly grateful and appreciative.

To end the year and herald in the new, we have listed some of our favourite pieces that we have published this year. Again, thank you for making our 2018 so special, and we are so excited to see what 2019 has in store for us all.


Stephanie Laterza, Cherimoya Heart (Issue IX: Dalliance)
Richard Georges, Eve in the Morning (Issue IX: Dalliance)
Maddie C., I Dream of Doing Violence Unto Those Who Have Hurt Me (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Wanda Deglane, Passenger (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Tim Duffy, Judas at the Noose (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Maria Griffin, Thyestes/the Beginning (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Arielle Tipa, ( ) (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Nikki Velletri, It is Always the Dreaming That Destroys Us (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Tyra Jamison, Too Much Licorice After Dark (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Emma McGlashen, Dinner Party, Aftermath (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Benjamin Rozzi, Family Portrait Through the Deer My Dad Hit at Seven in the Morning (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Mariel Fechik, Mare (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Try to Recall the Right Way to Pray (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
M. E. Hoban, Rose-Hipped Moses (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Jack B. Bedell, St. Lucy Lead to Her Martyrdom (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Jessie Lynn McMains, Lucky Knives & Holy Charms (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Natalie Linh Bolderston, Reflection (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Jessie Rice-Evans, Roots (The Pedregal) (Issue X: Sempiternal)
David Joez Villaverde, Past Gary (Issue X: Sempiternal)
Jen Rouse, Awaken (Issue X: Sempiternal)
Juleen Eun Sun Johnson, Seoul, South Korea September 23, 2015 (Issue 11: Jubilee)
Clair Dunlap, How She Carved the Salish Sea and What She Made There (Issue 11: Jubilee)
Haley Campbell, You Said Love is a Choice, and After Eight Months I Begin to Believe You (Issue 11: Jubilee)
Sheng Kao, Postmortem (Issue 12: Lithe)
E. Kristin Anderson, We Bend Back Years, Await the Flood (Issue 12: Lithe)
Rachel Cruea, Self-Portrait of My Throat as a Vase (Issue 12: Lithe)


Maria Sledmere, Peanut Butter (Issue IX: Dalliance)
Caroline Grand-Clement, Then—A Knock. (Beyond the Shallows Anthology)
Janelle Salanga, Earthquake Protocol (Issue 11: Jubilee)
Andrea Salvador, The Leaving and the Coming Back (Issue 12: Lithe)
Melanie Arrowood Wilcox, Insignia (Issue 12: Lithe)


Maryah Converse, Friends with Goats (Issue 12: Lithe)
Elizabeth Ditty, Pigeons (Issue 12: Lithe)


Rania Putri, One Photograph (Issue 11: Jubilee)
Xek Noir, Two Paintings (Issue 12: Lithe)
Vanya Truong, Three Collages (Issue 12: Lithe)


Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash