Announcing our Nominees for Best of the Net 2019

Each year we nominate some of the outstanding work we’ve published for major literary awards and anthologies, such as Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net. For Best of the Net 2019, we have nominated work that changes how we understand love, grief, hope, forgiveness, pride, and longing—language is such a powerful tool, and these nominees use it to reshape how we can better know ourselves, each other, and the world we share between us.

Congratulations to all of our nominees, and best of luck in the nomination process! Thank you for trusting us with your words—we would not be able to continue doing this work without the support and care of our contributors, readers, and communities.


L. Reeman, Nicomedes Speaks to the Senate Floor Julius Caesar Lay Dead On
Juleen Eun Sun Johnson, Seoul, South Korea September 23, 2015
Lana Pochiro, A Pride Flag for Every Farmhouse
Anne Gvozdjak, A Fountain Aching
Sheng Kao, Postmortem
Eliza Browning, Primer for the Smaller Things


Janelle Salanga, Earthquake Protocol
Yasmeen Khan, Eve


Sofia Sears, Glass Houses
Maryah Converse, Friends with Goats