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An Interview with The Brown Orient's Founder Elizabeth Ruth Deyro

Editor-In-Chief Kanika Lawton had the opportunity to speak with The Brown Orient’s founder Elizabeth Ruth Deyro on TBO’s beginnings, future endeavours, and the importance of providing spaces for marginalized voices. As two creatives whose identities converged along the lines of what it means to be Brown Asian women, Kanika and Elizabeth spoke at length about the problematics of an all-encompassing “Asian” identity that ignores West, South, and Southeast Asian identities, navigating what it means to be represented in publishing and beyond, and how to push allyship towards creating an equitable space within our online literary communities.

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An Interview with Kailey Tedesco

Olivia Hu recently spoke with Kailey Tedesco, author of the full-length collection She Used to Be on a Milk Carton, from April Gloaming Publishing. In addition to this collection and her chapbook These Ghosts of Mine, Siamese, from Dancing Girl Press, she is the co-founding editor-in-chief of Rag Queen Periodical and an associate editor for Luna Luna Magazine. She also performs as Hortensia Celeste with the Poetry Brothel.

Their talk spanned across the many realms of publishing and the exploration of creation.

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An Interview with Amy Lauren

L'Éphémère Review interviewer Olivia Hu speaks to Amy Lauren on her chapbook Prodigal, published with Bottlecap Press. A Mississippi poet and semi-finalist in the Charlotte Mew Chapbook Contest, Amy Lauren is the author of Prodigal (Bottlecap Press, 2017) and God With Us (Headmistress Press, 2017). Her work has appeared in Believe Out Loud, Sinister Wisdom, and Cordite Poetry Review, and she has received nominations for the Best of the Net anthology and Pushcart Prize.

Their talk revolved around the way poetry allows the reclaiming and healing of one's identity, when culture and setting will not.

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“Speak Miracle & Rage”: On Knock and an Interview with Melissa Atkinson Mercer

Editor-In-Chief Kanika Lawton spoke with Melissa Atkinson Mercer recently about her newest poetry collection, Knock (Half Mystic Press, 2018), the use of visceral, disturbing imagery, tongues as agency and voice, and who is allowed such agency and autonomy. 

Kanika also reviewed Knock, a breathless, uncomfortable, and important collection of poems on depression, womanhood, voices, and darkness, churning and pulsing with both pain and angry, unflinching hope.

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Crossing From Loneliness Into Being: On SUPERNOVA and an Interview with Topaz Winters

Founding Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director Kanika Lawton was honoured to speak to Topaz Winters again about her latest film SUPERNOVA, the complexities of filmmaking, loneliness, the importance of blue, and the power of softness. 

Before Kanika sat down with Topaz, she reviewed SUPERNOVA, a short, yet powerful, film on navigating solitude, the intricacies of being, and reaching beyond the self towards something greater. 

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An Interview with Korrupt

The Kristiansand-based, thrash-inspired hardcore punk act, Korrupt, has just released a debut album called Preachers and Creatures under the label Fysisk Format. They are a part of the small punk scene in Kristiansand and some of their members are also from the Bergen-based punk band Social Suicide. Presenting ferocious soaring riffs, heavy belligerent beats, and black metal/thrash-inspired elements, they are ready to kick asses while getting inspired by their inner battles, knowledge, and human behavior throughout the creative process of their songwriting. 

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