"I Only Listen to the Fleet Foxes When the Daffodils are Born": On Crowd Surfing With God and a Playlist by Adrienne Novy

ADRIENNE NOVY is a teaching artist, Bettering American Poetry nominee, and musician currently living in Saint Paul, MN. Her work can be found in FreezeRay Poetry, Harpoon Review, Button Poetry, Maudlin HouseNAILED Magazine, and Issue V of Half Mystic Journal. She is from the Chicago suburbs and wants to start a band with you.


Today, we are proud to feature Adrienne Novy, whose book Crowd Surfing With God drops from Half Mystic Press on August 21st. Adrienne was kind enough to make us a playlist of soft and tender songs, and we are thrilled to debut a never-before-seen poem of hers.

We are also participating in a book giveaway alongside Half Mystic, where you'll be able to win one of three physical copies of Crowd Surfing With God. Make sure to enter here, and good luck! This collection is a heartbreaking, yet hopeful, reminder of the power of faith, resilience, vulnerability, and the ways in which music heals and brings us closer. 


after White Winter Hymnal, after Kaveh Akbar

I only listen to the Fleet Foxes when the daffodils are born. I don’t know what
it is about folk music that makes me want to put on a dress & dance in a field
of flowers, but that must be some kind of warm magic.

Winter is an endless grace & O, how the earth is hungry for light. April learned
how to crochet as we resurfaced the wool from our basements.

A fox stole a red scarf in the night to swaddle her pups,
licked the cold off her nose.


Ekphrasis was really what fueled the creation of my book, as well as a lot of my writing as of late. I love playing music just as much as I love listening to it, and ekphrasis has allowed me to apply that love for music to my writing. While I was in the process of writing Crowd Surfing With God, I would sometimes add songs to the playlist before the corresponding poems were even written. Then, after the poems were done, I’d listen to the songs that I would want to have the poems ordered to see how the book sounded in this way.  The music in the book's playlist is sometimes a lot harder than the music I listen to on a daily basis. I mean...I’m still pop punk trash but definitely more on the pop side of things—unless the music is really rich in musical content or the band supports a message that I can really get behind.

I thought for this blog post to make a playlist of songs that I love that are both gentle, yet still rough and hurting and breaking. I actually ended up writing a poem of my own after "White Winter Hymnal" by The Fleet Foxes in early April. I loved the softness of it, and thought maybe other writers would love to use this playlist to create tender poems of their own. Listen to the playlist, “soft & tender light", here

All my love,

Adrienne Novy