An Interview with Korrupt

Norwegian four-piece KORRUPT is comprised of members of Social Suicide and play a piercing thrash-inspired hardcore. Their debut album Preachers and Creatures was produced by Marius and Esteban alongside Tommy Akerholdt (Turbonegro/Silver). 


The Kristiansand-based, thrash-inspired hardcore punk act, Korrupt, has just released a debut album called Preachers and Creatures under the label Fysisk Format. They are a part of the small punk scene in Kristiansand and some of their members are also from the Bergen-based punk band Social Suicide. Presenting ferocious soaring riffs, heavy belligerent beats, and black metal/thrash-inspired elements, they are ready to kick asses while getting inspired by their inner battles, knowledge, and human behavior throughout the creative process of their songwriting. 

Music writer Ralka Skjerseth interviews Marius Jahnsen of Korrupt, where they talked about existential contemplations, identity politics, the punk scene in Kristiansand, and what inspired the band during their album writing.

RALKA SKJERSETH: I have read somewhere that the main theme of your album relates to a form of anger against the reactionary acts of organized religion, so, in your opinion, do you think that humans achieve their transcendent full potential when they are no longer tied to any certain beliefs or views? If yes/no, why?

MARIUS JAHNSEN: That's a very philosophical question, and way beyond my will to speculate. I think there is no such thing as an objective full potential. So in short terms; no.

But what I will say though, is that to me, the feeling of being close to nothing in the universe makes me very, very humble. Humble to the animals, humble to the climate, and of course humble to other cultures and human beings. The religious have no reason to feel humble as humans are made by God to rule the earth (depending on what religion you hold).

Preachhers and Creatures , Korrupt, Fysisk Format, October 2017

Preachhers and Creatures, Korrupt, Fysisk Format, October 2017

What do you think are the highlights of the punk scene in Kristiansand? Any new insight that you can introduce regarding the scene of your hometown?

The punk-scene in Kristiansand isn’t too big. There are some really cool punk bands deriving from here such as Rise Above and Honningbarna, but either there’s not enough punk-events in k-town to call it a scene, or the bands move to Oslo. Korrupt, for instance, has a base in Kristiansand, but the members lives from Bergen to Oslo to Kristiansand.

Do you have any hopes you’re trying to convey to society when you wrote the lyrics in Preachers and Creatures?

Nah, not really. It’s mostly an inner battle expressed in writings. Maybe except from the song "Intuition," witch has a pretty strong message.

Are there any albums, books, and/or movies that you get inspired by during the creative process of your songwriting in your recent album?

I love knowledge. I can watch YouTube or read articles for hours. It really doesn’t matter if it’s science, philosophy, psychology or whatever. I love knowing about the world and about human behavior. Of course, these are things that have shaped the lyrics. To name a few sources I’ve been hooked on the last couple of years: Vsauce, Crash Course - Philosophy, Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Ever thought of planning on doing a split EP with any other Fysisk Format rosters?

Never thought of it, but it’s a damn cool idea!

What are your thoughts on identity politics? These days people have been conveying dialectics of diverse opinions regarding it and it can be found in any stance or alignment.

Ohhhh, tough question. I don't have any clear thoughts on this, but I will often take minorities' side regarding rights or suppression.

Are you guys friends with Honningbarna? I see that you hail from the same hometown and are still in similar circles and scenes.

Yeah, we’re friends. We don't see them too often though as we live in different cities.

Do you think that we are subconsciously being put in a 1984-esque panoptical surveillance in a figurative way? Our freedom of expression is strictly limited and there is always a possibility we could get condemned and arrested for everything we do, say, or believe in. Our own civilization is our own "big brother" figure, making us, in some way, pawns of a surveillance-ravaged society. What do you think?

I don't feel like my freedom of speech is limited to the point where I cannot express reasonable ideas. 

What are some notable releases of 2017 according to you?

Converge - "Under Duress" (single)
Horizon Ablaze - "Insidious" (Single)
Forgetaboutit - The Resurrection of Everything
Blood Command - Cult Drugs
Honningbarna - Hold an ann