Announcing the Overture to Memory Longlist

Over the past few months, we have been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of submissions we have received for our Inaugural Writing Awards, Overture to Memory, especially from teen writers and those who are new and emerging writers. The level of skill and raw talent that permeates the dozens upon dozens of poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction pieces we have read and discussed cannot go unsaid. We are pleased that so many people have called upon themselves to explore what it means to remember. The impact of memory on reality, on our perception of self, on the existence of a shared or singular "truth," and how we navigate life and our place within the world are carefully and exquisitely explored in these wonderfully stark, poignant, and compelling pieces. And, although we were happy to read so many incredible work, this did not make our judges' jobs easy in the least.

Even so, we are beyond thrilled to announce the longlist for L'Éphémère Review's Inaugural Writing Awards, Overture to Memory!

Utmost thanks to our lovely, hardworking judges who dedicated so much time for this competition: Lydia HavensCaitlyn SiehlAlain GinsbergAnthony FrameBrianna AlbersTopaz Winters, and Kat Neis.

(Shortlist will be announced within the coming weeks).

(All longlisted writers who also submitted their work in the Teen Writers and/or New & Emerging Writers categories will have a [Teen] and/or [N&E] written next to their name).

(Photo by Chestina Craig)


Jamal Parker, Survivor’s Guilt and Gladiators Part 1  
Sabine Holzman [Teen], to my mother, with sparta and Portrait of Us While America Burns
Jack Martin [N&E], Coffee Visitations
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach [N&E], Other women don’t tell you and The Bold Knight, the Apples of Youth, and the Water of Life
Taylor Fang [Teen]Escape to the Moon, Hospital Atlantis, and One Hundred Birds
Laura Villareal [N&E], Seeds, Outgrowing a Home, and Talking Through A Blowhole
Caroline Grand-Clement [Teen] [N&E], the moon, the sun & us in between; let me breathe into infinity
Jody Chan [N&E]The first spring we planted perennials
Kendrick Loo [N&E]for my son
Stephanie Chang [Teen]Lineage and Maine Dream
Wanda Deglane [N&E]Generational Mortal Kombat
Troy Kody Cunio, sonata: erasure//passing//burning and spud
Quinn Lui [Teen], [mother] tongue and spidersilk
Rachel Evelyn Sucher [N&E], Inheritance
Emilye Martin [N&E]The Summary Soundtrack of Us
Hannah Humphrey [N&E]Pyriscence
Linette Reeman [N&E]The Gutting and Parallel Inventions
Duncan Slagle [N&E]A Door Closes, Disrupting the Air, After, I Keep Everything That Reminds Me Of, Processing What's Left, and Thankfully, I Have Never Taken After My Father
Charika Swanepoel [N&E]In Want of Cosmic Perspective
Lindy Newns [N&E]Your garden
Laura Potts [N&E]Holly
Adam Zhou [Teen]Elegy for a Dying Animal



Tim Cooke [N&E], The Drive Home
Robert Boucheron [N&E], Overleft
David Henson [N&E], An Explanation
Jacqueline He [N&E], Better Luck Tomorrow and Snapshot



Zara Munro [N&E], Magic and Memory
Ingrid Jendrzejewski [N&E], The Rauschenberg Retrospective