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A Convergence of Atmospheres: A Review of Coliseum's Anxiety's Kiss

Anxiety’s Kiss, the fifth studio album by Coliseum under Deathwish Inc., is an impeccable resonance under the duration of (approximately) 37 minutes, coming off as enticing enough to make 2015 an impressive year for Deathwish Inc., such as Lightless Walk by Cult Leader, Rust by Harm’s Way, and, of course, Anxiety’s Kiss from this one Louisville-based post-hardcore band. This album was produced by J. Robbins from Jawbox, who also produced their 2011 EP Parasites and their third studio album Sister Faith, which was released in 2013.

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Into the Unknown: HONNE from 39,000 Feet

There’s a reason why I’ve always preferred window seats in airplanes. I can be alone with my own thoughts while peering through a window of a big machine 39,000 feet from sea level. In long flights, I can see sunrises, sunsets, and I can physically cross the shackles of different time zones. Eventually, I would feel the sudden realization that I am 39,000 feet apart from the world and all its shenanigans, where civilizations rise and fall for thousands of years. I would peer down and I see territories and seas where every human memory is created and nurtured. 

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From the North to the Stars: A Playlist

There are a lot of things associated with the north; the radiant Northern lights, Freyr, the Norse God of fertility and peace that travels through seas with his golden-bristled boar, dead warriors called Einherjar who are brought by Valkyries to Valhalla, and the nine realms unified by the world tree Yggdrasil. A lot of beautiful things come from the north, including various, remarkable music scenes. This mixtape features music writer Ralka Skjerseth’s selection of some of the finest tunes from the Nordics, sincerely brought to you from the north to the stars.

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Art in Purgatory: The Muses

“ut pictura poesis, “as is painting so is poetry.” —Horace

In the umbilical connection that is the poet and the artist, I wonder if each would agree, that one is as essential as the other. We can romanticize this connection by a million threads, and still end up naked. There are endless examples of such relationships in history. With love and passion at its core, it is a magick that can seldom be ignored. 

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Figuring Ladybug Spots into the Grand Scheme of Life

The other day, while volunteering at my local library, I was gifted with a tiny, magnetic ladybug page-clip. Its cuteness complimented the free book I was also given earlier that day—the storybook rendition of The Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. Pretty cool, no? Groovy artwork with an emphasis on eternal youth. When I returned to my car at the end of my shift, I started to think of a bunch of things that, oddly, compliment one another. Like grilled cheese sandwiches with habanero strawberry jam (thank you, Massachusetts), or myself and clothes shopping. Why not any combination? Why not analyze what’s at hand—or what might be—in any moment?

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The Face of Mental Illness in the Philippines

November 20th, 2017 wasn’t just a day of victory; it was a promise slowly materializing: no Filipino shall ever have to suffer in silence.

This is an ambitious idea—advocacy has always been a limbless vessel of ambition and opportunity—but there are champions willing to serve as legs to forward and arms to spread the cause. The mental health community, after all, is about helping each other understand the need to find strength from within.

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