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An Interview with The Brown Orient's Founder Elizabeth Ruth Deyro

Editor-In-Chief Kanika Lawton had the opportunity to speak with The Brown Orient’s founder Elizabeth Ruth Deyro on TBO’s beginnings, future endeavours, and the importance of providing spaces for marginalized voices. As two creatives whose identities converged along the lines of what it means to be Brown Asian women, Kanika and Elizabeth spoke at length about the problematics of an all-encompassing “Asian” identity that ignores West, South, and Southeast Asian identities, navigating what it means to be represented in publishing and beyond, and how to push allyship towards creating an equitable space within our online literary communities.

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The Face of Mental Illness in the Philippines

November 20th, 2017 wasn’t just a day of victory; it was a promise slowly materializing: no Filipino shall ever have to suffer in silence.

This is an ambitious idea—advocacy has always been a limbless vessel of ambition and opportunity—but there are champions willing to serve as legs to forward and arms to spread the cause. The mental health community, after all, is about helping each other understand the need to find strength from within.

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