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Dream Sequence: On Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo and Montages of Color

Paris was a beautiful, physical place when I visited, even when it was raining. When I took pictures, they were in technicolor. The Eiffel Tower was gold at night, luminous. In the mornings, we ate madeleines with butter and jam, and took the subway to Notre Dame or the Galeries Lafayette or wherever we wanted to go in France, just so long as we were going somewhere. We were in our own spectacular film: a sequence of pretty hues and dissolving transitions. It was stunning, surreal.

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Hard to Swallow: A Review of The Red Pill

The Red Pill tackles the latest issue Western society is addressing: Men’s Right Activists, otherwise known as MRA’s. Director and presenter Cassie Jay takes us—and herself—on a journey through the minds of MRA’s and what, exactly, their agendas are. She interviews Paul Elam, controversial founder of the website "A Voice for Men" as well as popular feminist-turned-MRA Warren Farrell, writer of The Myth of Male Power. Alongside these in-depth discussions are voices from other "everyday" MRA’s and their radical feminist counterparts. 

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