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Crossing From Loneliness Into Being: On SUPERNOVA and an Interview with Topaz Winters

Founding Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director Kanika Lawton was honoured to speak to Topaz Winters again about her latest film SUPERNOVA, the complexities of filmmaking, loneliness, the importance of blue, and the power of softness. 

Before Kanika sat down with Topaz, she reviewed SUPERNOVA, a short, yet powerful, film on navigating solitude, the intricacies of being, and reaching beyond the self towards something greater. 

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Hard to Swallow: A Review of The Red Pill

The Red Pill tackles the latest issue Western society is addressing: Men’s Right Activists, otherwise known as MRA’s. Director and presenter Cassie Jay takes us—and herself—on a journey through the minds of MRA’s and what, exactly, their agendas are. She interviews Paul Elam, controversial founder of the website "A Voice for Men" as well as popular feminist-turned-MRA Warren Farrell, writer of The Myth of Male Power. Alongside these in-depth discussions are voices from other "everyday" MRA’s and their radical feminist counterparts. 

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