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Figuring Ladybug Spots into the Grand Scheme of Life

The other day, while volunteering at my local library, I was gifted with a tiny, magnetic ladybug page-clip. Its cuteness complimented the free book I was also given earlier that day—the storybook rendition of The Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. Pretty cool, no? Groovy artwork with an emphasis on eternal youth. When I returned to my car at the end of my shift, I started to think of a bunch of things that, oddly, compliment one another. Like grilled cheese sandwiches with habanero strawberry jam (thank you, Massachusetts), or myself and clothes shopping. Why not any combination? Why not analyze what’s at hand—or what might be—in any moment?

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Why Artificial Flowers Look Sweeter

This time of year, the hot, unchanging fragment of summer, or patchwork landscape of apple cider donuts and fire-colored leaves—depending on where you are—is wonderful for the senses. We are surrounded by a new kind of love in the air with Halloween celebration marked by Hocus Pocus-themed gifts arriving in the mail, packs of chocolate to treat ourselves, and Goosebump marathons on a cold night laying dormant in bed. Some people might argue that this time up until the chilly days of December is the best time of year, and I am one of those people. A semi-haunting, out-of-reach atmosphere seems to always linger in the air, inching forward like a nature-camouflaged cat ready to pounce—but once you look around, there’s nothing to be found. For me, the sweetness of the season is this thrill of chasing after that same sort of overlooked aspect.

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Like a Train On a Rampage, Like an Untied Balloon Set Free

When the TV commercial voices—all sickeningly enthusiastic—say that it’s that time of year again for “back to school” sales, I cringe. I can’t help it. Something about class icebreakers, the exorbitant cost of textbooks both new and used, and the passage of time wiped away so unbelievably and rapidly fast are too overwhelming at first. I zone out. I mourn the loss of the countless, long hazy days and the adventurous nights out with the people I care about. That chilly night at the county fair, eating tortas on Olvera Street, all those deep heart-to-hearts. Everything passes through my imagination like a train on a rampage…then, I have no choice but to accept the inevitable. It’s time to move forward. Lingering won’t do anything.

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