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A Convergence of Atmospheres: A Review of Coliseum's Anxiety's Kiss

Anxiety’s Kiss, the fifth studio album by Coliseum under Deathwish Inc., is an impeccable resonance under the duration of (approximately) 37 minutes, coming off as enticing enough to make 2015 an impressive year for Deathwish Inc., such as Lightless Walk by Cult Leader, Rust by Harm’s Way, and, of course, Anxiety’s Kiss from this one Louisville-based post-hardcore band. This album was produced by J. Robbins from Jawbox, who also produced their 2011 EP Parasites and their third studio album Sister Faith, which was released in 2013.

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A Change of Sound: A Review of Title Fight's Hyperview

This Kingston-based four-piece has prominently been known to immerse themselves in the post-hardcore and punk scheme; I first got into Title Fight when they were on their Run for Cover days, and it’s somehow whimsically enthralling to discern vehemently significant changes of their sounds on Hyperview—this album is distinctively influenced by shoegaze, dream-pop, and post-punk elements with their intense use of reverb and chorus pedals, and would remind you of the likes of Slowdive, Teenage Fanclub, and Whirr in a blink of an eye.

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A Blackgaze Act: A Review of Deafheaven’s New Bermuda

Deafheaven has always been formidable when it comes to manifesting sounds that envisage deep poignancy entombed in belligerent darkness with poetic lyrics. Currently one of ANTI- Records’ rosters after previously signing to Deathwish and Sargent House, they're back with their new album New Bermuda; an irresistible pulchritude of their sound colliding with elements of dark despair that their listeners can feel thriving in their hearts.

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