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From the North to the Stars: A Playlist

There are a lot of things associated with the north; the radiant Northern lights, Freyr, the Norse God of fertility and peace that travels through seas with his golden-bristled boar, dead warriors called Einherjar who are brought by Valkyries to Valhalla, and the nine realms unified by the world tree Yggdrasil. A lot of beautiful things come from the north, including various, remarkable music scenes. This mixtape features music writer Ralka Skjerseth’s selection of some of the finest tunes from the Nordics, sincerely brought to you from the north to the stars.

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Decibels for A Young Vine: A Playlist

This compilation of tracks consists of ten songs from artists (all featuring female lead vocals) of diverse genres and backgrounds. Each song leaves a different impression and vibe onto the listener; one might be a poignant anthemic lamentation that drives the listener to drown in a visceral existential grief, another might be a catchy and youthful love song that causes the listener to reminisce about their youth, another might be a heartwarming tune that soothes your heart, another might be a fast-paced thrashing tune that sends vibes of aggressive chaos, and so on. It is a representation of how our lives, and the emotions we unleash toward life, are the same; they are not static, and every road we pass through leaves us with a different feeling each day. 

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