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Shade of the Sun

The dread of city life promises aching bones, chatter brain, curled blood. 

It promises red lights, turning yellow, turning green. It promises anxieties of crowds and elevators. Our adolescent sense of immortality long gone, replaced with fatigue and the sense of nostalgia the sky brings. We crave secrets and the cotton arms of nature. We crave home.

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In Which Yarn Cats Grow Up

It’s summer. The greenery surrounding us is lush and intense. Insects skitter around, their wings transparent in the bright sunlight. Water and sweat glisten sweetly, and the lapping ocean soothes the soul. Bright children flit around, eager to head off and find their camp friends, whom they haven’t seen in a year. On the ride there, some do a curious thing. Instead of taking out a handheld electronic, they fetch a piece of yarn or string from their bag. The string loops around their fingers, and they begin to play cat’s cradle, a game that requires two players to cross string into different patterns to continue playing. The game often loops into itself, and becomes dull if the string doesn’t provide a tricky situation. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and I enjoyed it very much as a child.

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When Mother Earth Bears Her Children

I recently went on a picnic to a local park with a couple of friends over spring break. We had a nice time, enjoyed ourselves in the growing spring breeze, and complained about the weed smokers in the picnic field behind us (they were not being discreet at all). Although we weren't sitting on the floor, we could feel the nature around us, in the wondrous sun, or in the bright green leaves. It was nice to overwhelm ourselves with greenery, especially with finals lurking behind them. 

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