A letter To The Moon Written In April

Dear M,

everybody is going out, making
all kinds of messes
underneath your
yellow light—

ten kittens missing, do you think
it’s coyotes?

I don’t know how to fit into anything anymore
so I stare at my house keys and wonder
how they do it.

At the club, I close my eyes and
move like a country that’s
forgetting her anthem.
Another shot and the
walk to the bathroom
feels like it might be
the last time I put
one foot in front
of the other.

Is it true what they say about China?
If I dig a deep enough hole,

will I eventually end up elsewhere?

BRITTNEY MELVIN is a twenty-six year old daydreamer who has spent the last couple years falling in love with the sky. You can find her rambling on about the moon at brittneysays.tumblr.com