Je ne pense à vous maintenant
Mais vous êtes rêvez souvent

Brace yourselves, for youngin
Is about to have the summer of her life

She reads T. S. E. and it feels like eating a perfectly cooked steak, but it reminds her of when
she stated in a love letter: “oh my, Prufrock, not even the mermaids are singing, poor thing”.
Four wedding dresses dream; whatever it means, it probably won’t happen today. No point in the
rush. In the lie.

Not to be saying anything, however,
The doctor’s signature, the lawyer’s signature,
Two simplistic lines trying to become shapes
Son = a past life, daughter = current commitments
The sunlight is non-energizing and chilling,
Love thy neighbor, neigh, thy loves thigh,
No complaining this Good Friday
The pills are the colours of Easter
Language acting as strange seduction

She takes the ring up to the hotel room, leaves it
She wants to be the ring and stay in there, too
It goes into the wall and makes its home in there
She looks over at the water, regrets the letter
He is partly blind and only sees another

Hold up the rope and tie the tie
No point in the rush, in the
Point in the
Find a way to create a maze
Then find your way out of it
The shape of a suburban street
Gets you worried, assertive

Je t’aime quand tu voles
Je pense ce n’est pas raison
Parce que « je suis malade »

A skeleton can be lavish, for it holds together and for all that it’s held. All that passes or thinks
it passes. The blood, the wavelengths, and the medicinal. (The medicinal heartbreak, taken for
what it is.) This is an ever-moving housing unit for experience. Lavish = is protected. Protecting
= insuring at a high rate. Prescriptions going old, but supposed to still help.

Let me make my dumb mistakes
Then let me cry it over, spilling
Down tiny mineral droplets
Made for waiting =/= what we are
Orchids basking in the artificial light
And people bask all artificial and bright.

CHRISTINA V. ANTONOVSKAYA's writing has not been published in print and she is currently working on publishing her book of poetry. Many of her prose works have been featured online; on personal blogs, Metatron, Lemon Star Magazine, among others. From just north of Toronto, with a completed BA in Psychology, writing has been a serious passion since her early teen years and she uses it to understand and make sense of the world and her own perceptions of it.