in love with summer
& how this city moves in this summer—

gives change for the Metrocard machine in hot, 
rolling dollar coins, everything hot & in motion in summer,

and loud: radio music congealing
clinging to skin in summer

sidewalks peeling with rainbow chalk
like healing sunburn from last summer 

—and how i move
in this summer 

when the bus driver lets me on
with a dollar in my card
and i am laughing through my words
and more of a person than i’ve ever been
and i am watching, from my bedroom window,
the sapling in sidewalk dirt
grow and grow
while this summer it rains
almost every day, my hair never dries
when i am tracing chalk circles
with my feet, dripping droplets from my head
watch me go

and go and go
in summer

CLAIRE SHANG is a rising junior at Hunter College High School in New York. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards nationally and the City College of New York, and can be seen in Blue Marble Review and the forthcoming issue of Moledro Magazine. She studied poetry at the 2018 Sewanee Young Writers' Conference. Besides writing, she also runs and plays the piano, but not all at the same time (maybe one day).