the long summer i wished would never end.
you wondered if your clammy fingers could 
get away with brushing against mine, 
measuring the weight of my thighs,
tangling your heartstrings with mine.
because everything you did ended in tragedy.
my dreams typed out in lowercase letters
i was afraid of growing up so i 
sanded my ferocity until my skin turned raw, 
learned how to be kind and talk around clumsy 
syllables, patched up my emptiness with sea salt.
became someone the sun can shine on.
the sky glowing orange after it snows 
now that it is free of the shards of its frozen
heart it can feel warm again, and now 
i can hear the ocean calling me from far away,
telling me to come home.


When spinning calendar pages,
begging for a satisfactory ending.

When missing a mother's touch, 
the neighbors’ split eggs 

fat & heavy on our car. When pausing
in the middle of a sentence, stuttering as

my thoughts cycloned too fast. When labeled 
both emotional & emotionless.

When people left & did not return, and I
forgot the meaning of

forever. When AM flickered to PM to
& my eyes were permanently sunken.

When graduation caps flew and I 
was told to follow my dreams—

if they made an income. 
When holding my sister, chanting 

like a mantra 
everything will be okay. 

When January passed and it seemed to start
& end just like the last.

EMMY SONG is a junior at Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and published in Blue Marble Review.