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APRIL 1ST - Spring awakening 

APRIL 2ND - Something more than survival 

APRIL 3RD - The Universe as a Shakespearian tragedy 

APRIL 4TH - What we found in the garden 

APRIL 5TH - The Five Stages of Grief as woodland animals 

APRIL 6TH - Water cannot save you 

APRIL 7TH - On breaking up with pain 

APRIL 8TH - Removing the parts of your body you never wanted 


APRIL 9TH - What my mother doesn't know

APRIL 10TH - All of the memories you thought you forgot 

APRIL 11TH - The first time you stepped out of your own body

APRIL 12TH - The lake and all of its secrets 

APRIL 13TH - Weaponized innocence 

APRIL 14TH - When tears aren’t enough 

APRIL 15TH - Apology poem to your eight-year-old self 


APRIL 16TH - Forgiveness is a knife 

APRIL 17TH - Finding God in the back of the Denny’s 

APRIL 18TH - The last time someone told you they love you and meant it 

APRIL 19TH - On drowning 

APRIL 20TH - Flowers wilting at your touch 

APRIL 21ST - When they wouldn’t let you stay the night 

APRIL 22ND - Self-immolation as cleansing 


APRIL 23RD - Poem for the person who couldn’t love you back

APRIL 24TH - Poem for the person beneath every scar

APRIL 25TH - Poem for the person who made you a poet 

APRIL 26TH - Poem for the person who taught you how to fear

APRIL 27TH - Poem for the person you couldn’t love back

APRIL 28TH - Poem for the person you didn’t become 

APRIL 29TH - Poem for the person you want to become

APRIL 30TH - Poem for the person you have become