Q: How can I stay up to date with everything happening at L’Éphémère Review?
A: You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Q: How can I support L’Éphémère financially? 
A: You can become one of our patrons on Patreon; we offer a variety of patron-exclusive rewards, and rather than being charged every month, you will only be charged when we release an issue, (including special issues), micro-chapbook, etc.

You can also make a one-time donation to our PayPal.Me.

Q: I am the author of a newly published chapbook/poetry collection/novel/etc. How can I get my book reviewed at L’Éphémère?
A: Email us at ephemerereview@gmail.com so we can determine where to send reviewer copies, any accompanying interviews we may conduct with you, etc. 

Q: What are some ways I can be published with L’Éphémère?
A: You can submit written and visual work whenever we open submissions for our themed issues; you can read the submission guidelines here.

You can also pitch us an idea for a blog post, feature, etc. here, or request an interview here

Q: I would like to become a part of L’Éphémère’s staff; how do I apply?
A: We are thrilled you are considering joining us! All of our available positions can be found here, including a social media internship geared towards younger applicants. 

Please keep in mind all positions are remote and volunteer.

Q: What should I include in my cover letter?
A: Please include a short third-person bio (around three to eight sentences). Tell us a little bit about yourself in your bio! Where you’re from, what you do outside of writing and/or art, what brings you joy, etc. Although we are happy for you if you have been previously published, please make sure your bio is more than just a list of all of your publications; we want to know what you’re like, not where you’ve been published! 

Hello’s and other greetings are also appreciated, and we love to know why you decided to submit to us/why you are submitting to a certain themed issue, as it’ll allow us to know just a little bit more about you. 

Q: How do you structure or conceptualize your issues? Where does the inspiration behind your one-word themed issues come from? 
A: All of our issues are bi-monthly, meaning they are released once every two months, so each issue is structured as January/February, March/April, etc. 

Since our inception, we have offered a platform for ephemeral works that transcend the boundaries of time, space, and liminal meaning, We are interested in work that challenges our personal definition of history, happiness, memory, home, etc. 

In many ways we are very existentialistic, as we enjoy uprooting the structural composition of such timeless themes as personhood, feeling, and place, and we seek work that straddles the line between fleeting and infinite, and allows us a glimpse into different perspectives and interpretations of the same universal experiences. 

This interest in the ephemeral and eternal guides us in how we choose our one-word themes, as each word we have chosen (and will continue to choose in the future) are purposefully difficult to define, or offer various interpretations of the same core meaning/thing (e.g. hiraeth means homesickness, but for a home that you cannot return to, or was never there to begin with, which raises questions of whether or not you can miss something that never existed, or love something you’ve never known). 

We are also open to receiving word suggestions, so if you know a word you would love us to consider for a future issue, please send us an email or message us on our various social media channels!

Q: What qualities do you look for in a strong piece of written work (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, etc.)?
A: We seek work that is, above all, purposeful. That is, there is drive behind every word and passage, and the piece, as a whole, exists for a tangible reason. We enjoy work that uses language in interesting and unique ways, turn literary devices and common imagery onto their heads, incorporate new meaning into classic themes and, above all, have a definite voice that sets work by this particular writer apart from everyone else. 

Q: What qualities do you look for in a strong piece of visual work (art, photography, collage, etc.?) 
A: We look for work that is, of course, visually appealing; we take into consideration composition, colour/toning, staging, incorporation of themes/imagery, and skill. We want work that is striking, evoking, and makes us want to stand in front of it and ponder its true meaning for hours. 

Q: None of my work were accepted for one of your open submissions calls; when can I submit again? 
A: You can submit again as soon as submissions open up for the next issue; there are no time restraints for when you can submit again after submitting work to us, as we want to offer you as many opportunities for publication as possible. 

Q: Are all future issues of L’Éphémère Review going to be available primarily online, or will there still be e-issues? 
A: Yes; all future issues (starting with Issue VII: Crépsculo) will be online only, and .pdf versions of each issue will no longer be produced (you can still download and read e-issues for Issue I-VI here). 

Q: Are there any age limits/demographic restrictions for submitting? 
A: Not at all! Though we highly encourage writers and artists from diverse backgrounds to submit their work, we will never exclude anyone’s work on the basis of age, race, gender, socio-economic status, country of origin, etc., as we believe such practices are exclusionary. 

Though we encourage diverse thought, work, and interpretations of our themes, we vehemently oppose any work that is discriminatory, bigoted, or prejudiced against any group or demographic, and will remove such work from our slush pile immediately and block the submitter from contacting us again. 

We do not discriminate base on demographic or group membership, and we expect the same from all of our submitters. 

Q: I have a few more questions that were not answered in this FAQ; who should I ask? 
A: If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to email us directly at ephemereview@gmail.com, or fill out this form

We can also be reached on all of our social media channels. Just send us a message, and we will answer you back as soon as we can!