~After Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem”

These days, we’re broken—
a horse, spirit-whipped, made
to trudge our load,

haul someone’s ass around. Our
car breaks down in the fast lane,
in the rain, in the dead of night.

Dishes break in anger, bones at impact
hearts in an instant—these days

as a constant. Your voice cracks
with light caught in your throat.

When day breaks like an egg
bleeding across distance, you
nonetheless rise to birdsong.

When there’s a crack
in the windshield, jagged like a pulse,
let it set your horizon.

Valerian blossoms out of broken
stone. Thunder cracks open
the sky to lightning—
the darkest storm leaves light.

Since HEIDI SEABORN started writing in 2016, her poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Nimrod, Mississippi Review, Penn Review, Yemassee Journal, American Journal of Poetry and in her chapbook Finding My Way Home. She’s won or been shortlisted for over a dozen awards including the Rita Dove Poetry Prize. Her award-winning debut book of poetry, Give a Girl Chaos (see what she can do) is forthcoming from Mastodon Publishing/C&R Press. She’s a New York University MFA candidate, graduate of Stanford University and serves on The Adroit Journal staff.