The fourth issue of L'Éphémère Review lies bare the numbing state of disquietudethe unease, the anxiety, the small fear growing in the pit of your stomach as you close your eyes and wonder if tomorrow morning will ever come. Will dusk bring light or darkness? Hope or despair? Will our cries for freedom, peace, and equality fall on death ears and silent mouths? Will quiet relief and small happiness ever pull us back into their arms? Until we feel soft and safe hands curling around our own, we must rise up. Pull back the cloak of hatred and step into the unknown. The quiet mourning. The disquietude of a future uncertain but never lost. 

We are, above all, thankful for being able to give a platform for these works of resistance and truth. Thank you for heeding our call for action. It's time to get political. It's time to make change.

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