The fifth issue of L'Éphémère Review seeks to carve a sanctum, or safe space, within the turbulence and disquietude of the world. A location where no one will hurt you. Somewhere you feel freedom, safety, and love. Everyone and everything you love can fit in this space. Even if those things are only memories. How does your sacred space look and feel? What do you do when you enter your sanctum? Who do you want to bring into your safe space so they are also protected?

We offer our publication to you as a sanctuary in this time of hardship. Our team feels the aching in the world and we want to do everything in our power to provide relief.

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Download the issue, which includes a letter from the poetry editor and recommended publications, here.

(Issue V: Sanctum is a tie-in issue with Issue IV: Disquietude, which you can read here).