behind the color of asphalt
wet with tears of summer;
behind the color of plumage
stained dark, the feathers
—a vision of a winged heart:
the world flipped the comfort of
silence into a severe humming
& a pretty robin has
forgotten how to sing
(what a fearful toiling thing
the little fluttering in the chest)

oh dear brittle blue bird,
does every absence demand
the migrations of longing?

in the langour of sleep at night
the vessel shall know death;
in the mercy of a new morning
(in visions far beyond the
horizon of finite yearnings)
the wings of the heart of
this vessel shall beat
itself awake.

J. P. BERAME is a 20-something poet/photographer/producer based in Manila, Philippines. Visit her at existential-celestial.tumblr.com.