Shapeshifting these tender 

bodies from swans to songs, 
an orchestra plays our beliefs. 

I craft a feather from the oncoming 

dawn; my navel the new sun—
daylight conceived. A cygnet, 

a circlet, a cycling year, 

the young crown of time 
branded over the bird’s eye

(view) of my thoughts.

Grow closer with winged veins 
of ivy, with blood brave & temper

-ed as earth. Eons rise stratospheric 

& thriving, each a plume altered 
by sunbeam births. Now, pause here

—a ballet danced on the lake, 

Cygnus suspended in the Milky 
Way. A music, a movement 

no one can take, sound swells 
at the thought of tomorrow, 

the sight of yesterday.

JADE RIORDAN is a poet from the Northwest Territories, Canada and a student at the University of Ottawa. Her poetry has appeared in CV2; The Malahat Review; The Maynard; Noble / Gas Qtrly; Room; Yes, Poetry; and elsewhere. She is a selection committee member (poetry reader) with Bywords.