tonight // you dream you are ////////////////////// on a pale star 
  sliced /////// away from sky like breath from your mouth  
    as you suspended //////////////////// in midair and swung 
      backwards on the fabled playground ///// swing set 
        where you met your best / friend long after dusk,  
          home for //// your first thanksgiving in college,
           unsure what to say now that ////// you can say 
           things more than hru /////////////////////// and ily,
          looking upwards //// while you try not to think 
        it’d all ////////////// be so much easier through text, 
      with //// the stars above //// speaking so //////// softly 
    until it’s time to go inside again //////////////////////////////
  and dream //////// of when you swung close to the moon, 
your shadow bursting //////////////////// with such lovely light    

JOANNA CLEARY is an undergraduate student double majoring in English Literature and Theatre and Performance at the University of Waterloo. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in The /tƐmz/ ReviewThe HungerPulp Poets PressEvery PigeonGlass: A Journal of Poetry, and Subterranean Blue Poetry, among others. She is also currently a Blog Editor for Inklette Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @joannacleary121.