I’ve got the pen a mi alcance.
¡Ay Dios mío!   Oh no!
An educated Spanish speaker with a pen
            is the America-first proponent’s worst fear.

With my pen
I will tear apart your argumenten pedacitos.
                                                  En pedacitos lo rompo,
                                                 En pedacitos lo tiro,
                                                En pedacitos te miro y me sonrío, because
I know what you say about me.
I know what you say about me in dos lenguas, two tongues.
In fact, I’m two-and-a-half times the person you will ever be
            porque también
                                    je parle un peu de français.

And you don’t know if I’m talking about you.
Why do you always think we’re talking about you?
Whenever we speak en español,
            hablamos de la familia, de las compras, del partido
, and
                       not a single word is spoken about you, egoísta.
                                  You are wrong, mistaken,

On Capitol Hill while you mandate with your
            English-only pen and America-first gavel,
            trying to erase our multilingual multicultural history, remember...

Our pen is our pluma
            Y nuestra pluma es nuestra espada
           Y nuestra pluma nos da poder
                      La pluma con tinta,
                     La pluma de Quetzalcohuātl
, the strong and mighty
           plumed serpent Quetzalcohuātl
The pluma of our Aztec blood,
The pluma of our Maya blood,
The pluma of our Taíno blood,
The pluma of our Inca blood,
The pluma of all the sangre indígena, that
               unites the sangre latina.

So you can pass all those laws, and
    you can try to intimidate us with policy,
   but you can’t erase the history of our pluma.

JOSEPH ELLISON BROCKWAY is a poet, translator, and Spanish professor. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Studies of Literature and Translation. Exploring feelings of doubt and anguish through poetry is the only way Joseph knows how to make sense of the disquieting “post-truth” reality. His writings and poetry have recently been published in LeHigh Valley Vanguard, The Rising Phoenix Review, Dirty Chai, Full of Crow, and Surreal Poetics.