My life is ajar;
a faint baleful light creeps in,
illuminating emptiness,
calling a name unknown to me—
an invitation to peace
that disintegrates in my hand.
I observe tiny particulates dance through the air,
to the rhythm of my breath,
and slowly descend to the cold floor:
our grave.


JOSEPH ELLISON BROCKWAY is a poet, translator, and Spanish professor working on a Ph.D. in Studies of Literature and Translation. He has translated poems from That’s Not How Women Talk by Puerto Rican poet Nemir Matos-Cintrón, and he is currently translating Island Mythical Coffer by Spanish surrealist Eugenio F. Granell. In poetry, Joseph likes to experiment with language and explore his mental divergence to uncover the surreality of human existence. Joseph’s poetry has recently been published in Jalmurra, L’Éphémère ReviewThe Perch, The Rising Phoenix ReviewSurVision Magazine, andSurreal Poetics. Joseph can be found on Facebook and Twitter at @JosephEBrockway