Whatever happens from now until you read this letter— 
it seems that what we least expect is what will come to pass— 
let me believe you will be ready then to incarnate this eternal power of
woman… –André Breton (Mad Love )

You are a lost cassette tape, 
recovered from a cardboard treasure chest— 
a coffer of infinite ambiguities: 
a magnet, a Lego, paperclips and gum wrappers, 
baseball cards of make-believe, 
photographs of an unrecognizable past.

You are oxidized newspapers, 
tawny with age, a memory, 
reminiscence and cure for melancholy, 
ever-present, sporadic, broadcasting smiles. 

An un-rewound videocassette needing attention, 
a prom dance corsage— 
perfect preservation of change, 
a honey bee’s tombstone when the hive collapses, 
ouroboros, you are . . . 

A miniature Christmas globe, 
perpetually snowing glad tidings and peace, 
a deformed candle—never-used décor; 
its perfume, infused into the cardboard, endures. 
Imbued in life’s treasures, safely stored for posterity, 
a capsule of immortal importance, you are . . . 

A goddess, you are not. That is too predictable
for your resplendent and eternal constellation beauty. 
You deserve better than the mundane.

JOSEPH ELLISON BROCKWAY is a poet, translator, and Spanish professor. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Studies of Literature and Translation. He is currently working on a manuscript dealing with a recent DNA test that revealed the man he knew as his father is not his biological father. His writings and poetry have recently been published in Lehigh Valley Vanguard, The Rising Phoenix Review, Dirty Chai, Full of Crow, L'Éphémère Review, and Surreal Poetics.