I lived here once, I used to sit right there
By the window. There used to be a tree—
A huge plum tree—right outside the house where
I could see it through the glass. It would be
White with petals all spring, then turn green, then
The leaves would redden and the plums would come
Purple beneath their canopy. Often
There were birds too, that I could watch from
Here. Blue jays mostly, and the crows that sat
Waiting for other, better, crops to steal.
The tree was right here, I used to sit there.
They’re both gone now, that seat, that tree. Unreal
To everyone except for me, a ghost,
Myself as unreal as them...almost.

JULEIGH HOWARD-HOBSON’s writing has appeared in many places, including The Lyric, Able Muse, Sugar Mule, The Raintown Review, and Poemeleon. She has been nominated for both the Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. Her fourth and most recent book is “Remind Me” ( Ancient Cypress Press).