The House of the Seven Gables 

A town of houses
wet with their own
Ink—it’s a spillage

of too many voices
speaking too slow
for me to hear.

There are ropes
limp with knots

& I can call these
homes. Somewhere
a woman in black

cooks me duck wet
with blood &
she hums.

In another room
she becomes a mirror
& I chant at her

in high notes.

KAILEY TEDESCO'S books These Ghosts of Mine, Siamese (Dancing Girl Press) and She Used to be on a Milk Carton (April Gloaming Publications) are both forthcoming. She is the director of Rag Queen Periodical and a performing member of the NYC Poetry Brothel. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. You can find her work featured or forthcoming in Prelude, Prick of the Spindle, Vanilla Sex Magazine, Rogue Agent, and more.