i do not miss the vanguard. 
i do not miss the men who stand at the gate
with gun and army behind them
waiting to fire upon any country that steps out of line. 
i do not miss the men
who tell us to believe in a country
that does not believe in us. 
i do not miss the men
who tell us that service
is killing the people they have vendettas against. 
i do not miss the men
with a weapon in their right
and an ideology in their left
telling us that the left will justify the right
that somehow their ideology will always
be correct
because it is justified by the right. 
i do not miss war. 
i do not miss starving. 
i do not miss presidents.

KAJA RAE is a self-published author and spoken word artist, releasing two chapbooks online and participating in local poetry slams. She has another forthcoming chapbook entitled “SOFT.” Follow her blog: disrespectfulnegro.tumblr.com