Dear readers, 

This year, we wanted to do something different for National Poetry Month. Last year we posted a prompt a day, everyday, throughout the month of April, in celebration of our first National Poetry Month, as well as to give homage to our humbled roots as a Tumblr-based writing collective. 

In all honesty, we believe we've made quite a name for ourselves on the online literary scene in terms of our issues, our contributors (of course, who would we be without our contributors?), and our visual and literary aesthetic. But we want something more. We want to stretch our search for the ephemeral, existential, and eternal as far as possible, over the edge, into something beyond—

Beyond the shallows.

BEYOND THE SHALLOWS is our first anthology, and we hope you find something raw and untamed in this four-part series of poetry and prose; something festering, blooming, crackling, both wild and familiar. 

We hope you enjoy reading PART ONE: THE DEPTH, in all of its snarls and unfurling heat. 

So go ahead, take a look.

Don't pay too much mind if you fall in deep.

All the best, in writing and life, 

Kanika Lawton
L'Éphémère Review