Dear readers, 

I feel like I am constantly repeating myself, but I sometimes still cannot believe that this little journal I started in the summer of 2016, half-heartbroken and looking for comfort in all the wrong places, has grown into something far beyond my wildest imaginings, into something beautiful and full and filled with wonderful work by incredible, talented writers and artists. 

The feedback to BEYOND THE SHALLOWS PART TWO: THE DROWNING was staggering; my phone was constantly buzzing with endless notifications (more notifications than I have ever seen on our social media platforms), and praise and positive reviews were flooding our mentions so entirely I was having difficulty catching up.

It's so surreal to think about L'Éphémère Review's impact on social media, our writers and readers, and the literary community as a whole. Although we are relatively small, independently-run and funded, and still figuring out our place within the literary sphere, I believe we have a responsibility, to ourselves and to our contributors and readers, to always uphold our values, support the people and journals we share these spaces with, and never, ever, back down from doing what is right and true.

In times such as these, we're especially pleased to introduce the third installation of BEYOND THE SHALLOWS.

This is PART THREE: THE FEAR. The darkness, the sinking, the hands clawing at what is no longer there, reaching for the smallest chance of hope.

Let your shoulders down; you're already too far from shore.


Kanika Lawton
L'Éphémère Review