Dear readers,

Whenever I felt my adolescent sorrow pulling my shoulders towards the barren earth, I would look up at the small stream of stars dotting the night sky and feel a surge of hope filling my heart. Something about their twinkling bodies set into motion my lifelong curiosity to reach for love, happiness, fulfillment, and life, no matter how far away they appeared to be.

Curiosity, stubborn belief, and determination have marked their presence in the crevasses of my being. Curiosity to see the world through the eyes of another and to feel the deep-seated bond I so longed for. The stubborn belief that the universe is kind and good. Determination to forge a path walked by one’s own feet, a canvas threaded by one’s own story, and a narrative formed by one’s own words.

I firmly believe that these qualities were instrumental in the development and creation of this journal. I want to give voice to the voices that have helped shape me into the person I am today. I want to give space to the spaces that have nurtured me and my creative growth for years. But most importantly, I want to give back to those who have given me so much.

L’Éphémère Review is an exercise in the fleeting, the short-lived, the ephemeral, and the infinite. An understanding of the world, the universe, and life itself through a single moment in time. When I transverse through my memories–the happy and the sad–I do not remember scenes as a whole. I remember a single snapshot of a stranger’s smile, a palm tree swaying in the breeze, going down a slide into a rain puddle, or a soft kiss on the lips. These are the moments that are vivid and full of light, like the Sun after an eclipse.

The work of the twenty-four writers and artists curated in this issue exemplify the ephemeral. They showcase what it means to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and live life in the moment in order to understand life as it was or will be.

We hope, you too, will take a moment of your time to grasp the fleeting and hold it in your hands. To turn the finite into the infinite. The ephemeral into the eternal.

Welcome to our small corner of time. We hope you enjoy your stay.

All the best,

Kanika Lawton
L’Éphémère Review