Dear readers, 

It is hard to believe that April, and with it, National Poetry Month, has already come to a close. This month has been filled with so much wonderful and staggeringly beautiful poems and poets and people. Yet, it has also been rewarding and difficult from a personal and editorial standpoint; curating a month-long anthology in the middle of significant life changes, embroiling myself in controversy in order to stand up for the sake of others in this community, juggling the usual expectations of an editor, etc., etc., etc. It's been hard, frustrating (regarding the aforementioned controversy) but, when I see the response to this anthology, our issues, our blog, and our journal as a whole, from contributors and readers and fellow editors, I can't help but feel like it's all worth it. The sleepless nights, the cruel tweets, the anxiety over whether or not you are doing the right thing—how can they ever match up against the sheer joy, hope, and validation that poetry affords us?

BEYOND THE SHALLOWS has now come to an end, and I hope it has brought you some much needed warmth, light, and joy in a month so often clouded with misty mornings and evening rain. I hope we have given these work a platform strong enough to bear their weight. And I hope, above all, you continue to hold poetry close to your heart, during National Poetry Month, and every other month. 

Without further ado, I am pleased to welcome the fourth—and last—instalment of BEYOND THE SHALLOWS:

PART FOUR: THE RECLAMATION. The breaking of water, the broken reeds, the arms reaching towards a sky kissing you back to life.

The water reclaims what is hers, as must you, towards something greater—

beyond the shallows.

With gratitude and endless thanks, 

Kanika Lawton
L'Éphémère Review