Let me show you the world: 
the beating heart 
in the depth of the rock, 
the shiny quartz
sun mocking.

High on the hills,
let us whipspin, 
knowing we are 
alive to the world 
and breathing.

Let me show you the kite 
snub-tailed skimming 
above the valley wall,
the frogspawn with its
gobbets of jelly,
its glory of slime,
black at the core 
and teeming.

Let me show you the fox 
rusty brush shining
nose damp eyes alert
mouth grinning

Let me show you the world, 
brisk shoots sprouting
new leaves unpacked
and greening.

The world is alive 
Let us dive down its throat,
let it swallow us whole,
and make us immortal 

LINDY NEWNS was shortlisted for L’Éphémère Review’s inaugural writing competition in 2018. She began writing poetry after her work stopped her writing plays, and has read at various events around the UK and Ireland, including Newcastle and Galway.

Her work has appeared in various journals and anthologies, and she is especially proud of her poems “Conflagration,” which appears in the Poems for Grenfell anthology. Find her website at: https://sycoraxweatherwax.wordpress.com/.