I wonder if they have the memories we do: sleepwake, working on our tans, ribbons of flesh twirling,
long isabelline bus rides of dusk, necks of tulle, promises made on hands and knees, wet grass, actual
heartache or actual love. Or the likeness of love, the shadow aspect. O, a medley of skin trying to
find an answer. If they want you to be a tulip, you will be a tulip, no matter your shape. You will
always ever be a tulip, a black one, a wilted thing, a tulip by the sea, the character of a tulip. You will
be the seedling unsprung.

LISA MARIE BASILE is the founding creative director of Luna Luna Magazine—a digital diary of literature, magical living and idea. She is the author of Light Magic for Dark Times, a collection of rituals and practices for self-care, as well as a few poetry collections: NympholepsyApocryphal, and more. She has written for The New York Times, Narratively, Grimoire Magazine, Sabat Magazine, The Establishment, Entropy, The Atlas Review, and more.