When I was little and still had sea glass blue eyes, mom used to tell me that fairies danced in the puddles outside whenever it rained. You can see them if you look at the circles on the water, she said. They’re having a party. I always pictured the little winged people with their fiddles going around and around and around. The men wore their best suits and top hats and the ladies wore floral dresses down to their ankles but they were having too much fun to care that the hems were getting soaked. I loved to watch the puddle just off the curb while standing in my front doorway, barefoot and eager. When I’d go out later to jump around, I knew they were with me. Sometimes I can still hear the soft fiddling in the back of my mind, if I listen carefully enough. They’ll be dancing forever. 

HOPE MARTIN is a sophomore creative writing and psychology double major at Susquehanna University. She loves cats and dealing with existential crises through writing.