If I were to walk
Everywhere I want to go—

Do you remember we walked
Four miles to Sofiero?
Lost in southern Swedish summer,
And I joked that I felt like Moses
Wandering toward Israel.

Four miles to get to Elysium,
Dusty and tired and hot,
But the rhododendrons opened
And the ethereal flutes
Beckoned us in.

If I were to walk—

Do you remember a year later?
I almost called to you,
Snowy delirium, rose-hipped,
I was a block from home
When I felt my body dissolve.

If I were—

Follow the flute into nothing,
Tongue and toes trip
Through rhododendron shadows,
I always follow you.
We walk these paths together.

These days the distances are longer.
From Zion to Zion,
I stumble after you like a fawn.
I want
To move through forests.

I want to go


M. E. HOBAN is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a poetry reader for Bombus Press.