As a small boy I climbed onto an American Tank
in peat coloured black—bark from castles made from gun turrets-
submerged in cliffs of emerald blue;   

the thin shingle and smell of ocean lingers between
the skin of the ley like a road held in an angel’s tempting grips;
simmering of river and sea grew closer with time.

Fishing nets snagged in grey metallic whale
as ghosts of algae summoned a water god—that made the land
a finger of sand; covered with reeds in yellow and dusty green

the storm can break the road
that holds the Kingfisher’s back from sea;
When the ley floods with salt, wave, and sand;
the river will become blue where butterflies once flew

in air puddles of pollen—seahorses drowning
in the shallow mix like two seasons combining poison into one.



I followed the trajectory of the worm
that lead me to an ocean that calmly whistles—
The same sea water that Picasso
ran naked in turquoise and blue.

Never have I seen such a bright sea
In indigo with sparkles of gold;   
I came for the local art and cheese.

Free pâté and especially the local absinthe
where a fairy in emerald leads you
through a spectrum of luminous streets; 

distracted by her radiant presence
Antibes is such a garden for no god
surreptitiously hidden from the heavens;
where no deity can watch any of us from above.

MATT DUGGAN's poems have appeared in many journals such as Into the Void, The Journal, Osiris Poetry Journal, Midnight Lane Boutique, The Rising Phoenix Review, and Laldy Literary Magazine, In 2015 Matt won the erbacce prize for poetry with his first full collection Dystopia 38.10 (erbacce-press) and the Into the Void Poetry Prize in 2016. Matt has recently finished a series of readings across the east coast of America from his new chapbook A Season in Another World (Thirty West Publishing House).